Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and Life Coaching


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Therapies include:


• Weight loss                                                                      • Stress                                                                              

• Hypnotic Gastric Band                                                  • Anxiety                                                      

(Hypnotic Mind Band - Licensed Practitioner)           • Panic Attacks                                                          

• Smoking                                                                           • Depression                                                                

• Addictions                                                                        • Insomnia                                                  

• Confidence                                                                      • Pain Management                                                  

• Self esteem                                                                      • Childbirth  

• Interview success                                                           • Infertility

• Age Regression                                                                • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Past Life Regression                                                       •Phobias                                                          

• Performance Anxiety                                                     • Abuse

• Motivation                                                                       • Grief

• Public Speaking                                                               • Bereavement  

• Pre-exam Nerves                                                            • Medical Conditions  

• Fears and Habits                                                             • Fear of Surgery  


Hypnotic Gastric Band 

We offer the hypnotic gastric band procedure and I am a licensed practitioner for the Hypnotic Mind Band

This is usually carried out over four to five sessions and you will be taken through the procedure in the same way as the actual surgical procedure in hospital.  Recent studies have indicated that this therapy has a higher success rate than the surgical procedure performed on the NHS.


Regression and Past Life Regression

Sometimes in life we have experiences which we do not understand and which do not make any sense to us.  This could be in the form of recurrent dreams, thought patterns, fears, phobias or an unknown place or person may seem strangely familiar to us.  These feelings may indicate issues from a younger age or even a past life. Therefore age regression and past life regression can often be helpful in solving current issues that you may be experiencing.

Alternatively you may just wish to explore your past lives.  This is usually carried out in a single session which would usually last between two and two and a half hours.  A recording can be made of the period for which you are under regression at no extra charge.

At Hawthorns, we use a range of therapies which are tailor made to meet your individual needs.  The treatment will be carried out in a friendly and comfortable environment designed to maximise the benefits of your sessions.  Non Alcoholic refreshments are available

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